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Futuristic and wave creator have been a couple words used when describing Carl Carrell. Carl Carrell, a native of Denver, is best recognized by the moniker of CRL CRRLL. 

Carl has worked daily on mastering his craft and abilities for rhythmic grooves and soft vocals.  Working endlessly on his own, drives his music and gives him the inspiration to bring in other artists and create unique beats and vocals which have led to his recent project Fasor Records. Carl’s resume of live shows includes playing with artists such as Anderson .Paak and the Free Nationals, Sango, Towkio, Washed Out, Broods, Whilk & Misky, Xiavier, Omar, JMSN, Tokimonsta, Joey Purp, Jamie XX and many more. 

Carl often plays live sets while paring up with other artists adapting to the electronic age and is quickly evolving into a genre of genuinely unique music. His most recent endeavors incorporate his passion and has led him to become an opportunist focusing on the wide spectrum of edits giving the sounds and beats known as CRL CRRLL. Recently releasing a chapter of remixes such as “Get You” by Daniel Caesar to artists like Funkadelic Carl notes “I feel more at home and vibe to the R&B and soul records”. 

CRL CRRLL who was voted best producer and DJ by Village Voice’s Westword Magazine in 2016 easily fell into the DJ craft playing his way for friends and fans. His DJ sets and monthly parties have brought numerous Acts to Denver such as DeeJay Earl, Uniique III, Femdot, Mvstermind & More… CRL CRRLL has also traveled to other cities sharing his sets with audiences in LA, Chicago, NYC, Austin, Houston, Atlanta, St. Louis, Wyoming, and more.  His ear for music gives him the power to DJ or play live sets dripping in creativity leaving small comparison to others. He’s able to adapt and entertain any atmosphere from clubs to grand openings, private parties and more.  CRL CRRLL currently plays host to a monthly party called Stay Up Saturday’s and is often called upon to collaborate with friends and other DJ’s. In addition to Stay Up Saturdays, CRL CRRLL hosts The Beat Makers Club which give aspiring DJ’s and producers a platform to highlight their talents.  

CRL CRRLL, is the individual to call upon for anyone who aspires to express themselves musically. He is easy to connect with via social media platforms and welcomes anyone who shares the same passion and determination in the music industry. Turning away no one and sharing in the interest to work with anyone … Let’s Make Waves. 

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